A community for heart-centered entrepreneurs who are ready to increase their income + impact. 

Here we create spaces for authentic relationships and business practices that will help you live the life you want.


"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." - Jim Rohn

As we uproot unhealthy mindsets, beliefs, + business practices, we are released to plant seeds of TRUTH, worthiness, + freedom.

Good seeds bear good fruit, but the process of planting those seeds demands effort, intentionality to faithfully water the seeds and a willingness to grow through challenges.

Why? Because you've seen a glimpse the harvest that's possible.


We are called to be fruitful. 

But, these days, it's easy to get stuck in the process and instead of holding fruit, you're left with confusion, discouragement, and burdens.

A field isn't sewn by throwing seed in the wind. This is why strategy + simplicity are crucial--they unlock breakthrough and bring results.

By uprooting unhealthy patterns + sewing good seed, you will rise up and begin to bear fruit.


There's a reason why people used to throw barn-raising parties...because building a legacy cannot be done alone.
Sisterhood, connection + fellowship is the fuel behind renewing your mind and strategically growing your business.

You aren't meant to do it alone--and now, you don't have to.

There is a seat at the table for you, sister.

You must be willing to renew your mind, plant strategically and 
surround yourself with a healthy and growth-minded community...

...so you can reap the harvest you're hungry for.



Worship Leader. Pastor. Small Business Owner.

Between music, motherhood, my small business & ministry, my time is limited. My husband is finishing his teaching credential and we had to find a way to build another stream of income that will free up my time to enjoy the things I love!


SAHM. Holistic Health Advocate.

I had been in 4 previous social selling companies—and I left every one feeling like I had failed. When I found R+Rco, I finally felt aligned mind, body, soul and I’ve seen more success and friendship than I ever have!


Wedding Planner. Homeschool Mom.

I know being a mom is a huge job but doing this gives me so much more purpose that I didn’t know I needed. I have bigger goals; goals for myself and my family that I can actually work towards, not just wait on my husbands paychecks.
And I love that my kids get to see me doing this. Mama is having fun, building a community and serving those around her


TikTok Influencer. Graphic Designer. Musician.

I always dreamed of being a business woman while still using my creative passions. I’ve tried many endeavors in my life and have seen a lot of opportunities come and go, but Rooted + Rising Co. is home. I feel equipped, inspired, and supported as my business grows, and I’m forever grateful to be a part of a special community like this.


Former Corporate Employee.

After quitting corporate to raise my daughter, I was hungry to make an income but tired of the lack of integrity in sales...until I found Rooted + Rising. Purity in product + the products!


Generosity-Driven Purpose Mom.

I have always had big dreams of impacting the world... but I used to think I had to wait until my kids were grown. Owning a business has sparked a new joy in me, and blessed our family with the funds to be able to give to others when they are in need. 

Whether your dream is having a more flexible grocery budget, working yourself out of your day job, or building a legacy business...

...there's a seat at the table for you.

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